PHP Tutorial

What is PHP

PHP tutorial for beginners. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a popular object-oriented scripting langauge it can be excuted at the server-side . PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. Elementtutorials will help you to learn PHP easily.PHP mainly use in web Development.PHP can be used to add content to HTML pages(files).PHP scripts are executed by a web server and the final resulting HTML is sent to the browser.

What we will learn.

In this PHP tutorial will cover variables,comments,arrays,stringd, ifelse..elseif,datatypes,constants,loops, switch,superlobals,numbers and more.......

what we can do with PHP

  • we can generate webpages and files dynamically.
  • we can carate ,open,read,select,delete file on the server.
  • we can collect data such as emails mobile numbers etc.
  • we can send emails to the users.
  • we can send and receive cookies.
  • we can store and modify ,delete information in your database.
  • we can encript data for safe over internet.

  • Advantages of PHP

  • Easy to Learn
  • Open Source
  • Portability
  • Fast Performance
  • Vast Community
  • PHP script is excuted much faster than other langauges such as JSP , ASP.

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    PHP Tutorial PHP Install PHP Syntax PHP Comments PHP Variables PHP Constsnts PHP Data types PHP Operator types PHP Echo & Print PHP Strings PHP Numbers PHP Math PHP if Else..Elseif PHP Switch PHP Functions PHP Loops PHP Superglobals

    PHP Advanced

    PHP File Handiling PHP Date and Time PHP include PHP File Upload PHP Cookies PHP Filters PHP Filters Advanced PHP Sessions PHP Callback Functions PHP JSON

    PHP Forms

    PHP Form Handiling PHP Form validation PHP Form Required PHP Form URL PHP Form Complete

    PHP Arrays

    PHP Arrays PHP Indexed Array PHP Associative Array PHP Multidimensional Array PHP Array Functions

    PHP File

    PHP File Handiling PHP Open File PHP Write File PHP Read File PHP Append File PHP Delete File

    PHP MySQL Database

    MySQL Database MySQL Connect MySQL Create DB MySQL Insert MySQL Update MySQL Select MySQL Delete