CSS Cursors

The CSS cursor property is used to specify the type of cursors.

One smart usage of this property is in exploitation pictures for submit buttons on forms. By default, once a pointer hovers over a link, the pointer changes from a pointer to a hand. However, it doesn't type|change shape|deform|change} for a submit button on a form. Therefore, whenever somebody hovers over a picture that's a submit button, it provides a visible clue that the image is clickable.


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title> CSS cursor property</title>
        .all span{
            min-width: 100px;
            padding: 7px 18px;
            margin-bottom: 5px;
            display: inline-block;
            border: 1px solid grey;
        <h1>General Cursor</h1>
        <p>Place your mouse pointer <a href="#">here</a> to reveal the custom cursor.</p>
        <h2>More Cursors</h2>
        <p>Place your mouse pointer over the box to reveal the cursor.</p>
        <div class="all">
            <span style="cursor: auto;">auto</span>
            <span style="cursor: default;">default</span>
            <span style="cursor: none;">none</span>
            <span style="cursor: context-menu;">context-menu</span>
            <span style="cursor: help;">help</span>
            <span style="cursor: pointer;">pointer</span>
            <span style="cursor: progress;">progress</span>
            <span style="cursor: wait;">wait</span>
            <span style="cursor: n-resize;">n-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: ne-resize;">ne-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: nw-resize;">nw-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: s-resize;">s-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: se-resize;">se-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: sw-resize;">sw-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: w-resize;">w-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: ew-resize;">ew-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: ns-resize;">ns-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: nesw-resize;">nesw-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: nwse-resize;">nwse-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: col-resize;">col-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: row-resize;">row-resize</span>
            <span style="cursor: all-scroll;">all-scroll</span>
            <span style="cursor: zoom-in;">zoom-in</span>
            <span style="cursor: zoom-out;">zoom-out</span>
            <span style="cursor: cell;">cell</span>
            <span style="cursor: crosshair;">crosshair</span>
            <span style="cursor: text;">text</span> 
            <span style="cursor: vertical-text;">vertical-text</span>
            <span style="cursor: alias;">alias</span>
            <span style="cursor: copy;">copy</span>
            <span style="cursor: move;">move</span>
            <span style="cursor: no-drop;">no-drop</span>
            <span style="cursor: not-allowed;">not-allowed</span>
            <span style="cursor: grab;">grab</span>
            <span style="cursor: grabbing;">grabbing</span>
            <span style="cursor:e-resize">e-resize</span>

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